Come back to Froyo – Fromania 1.1 ROM [Motorola XT502]

Like me, if you’re fed up with the half-baked versions of Gingerbread for your Motorola XT502/Commtiva Z71 clones, you can always go back to the good old Froyo ROM that came up last year. However, there is this new one by Cipinet, which looks impressive.

Fromania Froyo rom for Motorola XT502

Fromania Froyo rom for Motorola XT502

Fromania Froyo rom for Motorola XT502

ROM details and changelog:


  • Changes in system framework: icons, backgrounds (more transparency) …
  • font roboto
  • very lite boot animation and disabled that annoying boot sound
  • windows animation: ICS. If you like transition efects, install Spare Parts and increase duration of effects
  • deleted most of sounds, I don’t need
  • removed a lot of apps, this ROM is lite version, you can costumize yourself
  • kernel is the same like previos version, I have my reasons


  • This ROM is in nb0 format so before flash unzip file!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • After flash, reboot phone with Master Reset
  • If you want to use some app/script for app2sd, just delete this file: etc/init.d/77dalvik2cache
  • It’s best to disable animated option from Zeam Launcher: Menu/Preferences/Application grid/Animated
  • You can use free space of system partition (approximately 49MB) to customize how you like this ROM, very simple thing is to put some of prefered ringtones
  • This version is more like theme update, so don’t expect too much

Download ROM | more info… | Have fun!

Thanks to Sauarabh for the tip!

  1. Can you please provide me STOCK 2.1 ROM for Motorola XT502? I am in desperate need for it. I googled it a lot but getting no link to download the same. I have a back up of my stock rom, tried to restore it through ROM Manager but it resulted in NO IMEI and later wen tried to restore the backup again, it got stuck in the BOOT SCREEN. I tried installing Spice Mi-300 official 2.1 rom and then restore stock back-up, but all in vain. The megaupload link on this page for stock rom seems to be blocked. Please help.

    1. Hi Nitish, I personally love the stock 2.1 ROM, and I have always kept coming back to it when I first began flashing those CM ROMs; but that was before I started flashing .nbo.

      Like many others since then, I haven’t been able to find the official 2.1 ROM for the XT3/XT5 with Market and Google apps and services preinstalled. And like you, my backup was useless because I had IMEI problems.

      But I found a workaround.

      What I used to do was flash the Chinese XT5 ROM, which you may search online as “Motorola XT502 GRECO Official Rom 2.1,” and the file up for download should be “” (it’s .nbo.)

      The problem with this Chinese ROM is that it has none of the Google apps or framework for post-market installation of Google apps.

      But I figured if you rooted the phone after flashing this, installed ROM manager and then clockwork recovery, you could flash your image and have no problems. This used to work for me and I was happy.

      But lately, this has for some reason stopped working. Now when I flash that Chinese ROM, I cannot get clockwork recovery to work although I manage to flash it, so I am stuck without Google apps.

      But do give it a shot. Search for this ROM, flash it, download ROM manager.apk on your computer, install the .apk on your phone, flash clockword mod recovery and finally flash your personal backup.

      Unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I lost this Chinese ROM (not that it was of much use to me anymore), and now I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

      If you cannot find it online, or if you have the same problems with recovery as me, then you can try this alternative which comes pretty close. I have only flashed it today and so far, no problems although I need to download and test many apps.

      It’s stock 2.1 for the Apanda A60.

      The biggest drawback here is I cannot clock the CPU over 460mHZ, and I don’t know how to update the kernel using the built in recovery (I can’t seem to replace it with clockwork recovery).

      But go ahead and try out this ROM, or search for any other official 2.1 ROM you can find.

      In any case, you’ll instantly recognize the smoothness and simplicity that all these ROMs share. It’s like when you booted your phone for the first time when you unboxed it …

    2. Right now I’m looking at some other official 2.1 ROMs for various Commtiva Z71 clones, some of them on Boston Mania are apparently clocked to 600MHz, so that’s good. Because the one I’m using, which is stuck at 460mHz is absolutely piss — multitasking is out of the question here.

      In the mean time, I’m also going to try flashing clockwork recovery through SDK, so I can revert to my backup. If it works, anyone reading this can expect a post here.

      In the meantime, I’m tempted to also check out this Froyo ROM.

      Finally, Naren, thanks for keeping your ears to the tracks for more ROMs despite the lull in development!

  2. OK. I just installed this Froymania ROM, I like it so far; very minimalist with almost no apps. In fact, no apps at all.

    No file browser. OK. No gmail. Fine. No gtalk? … But you can’t download gtalk from the Play Store!

    OK. Play Store is there, but do not try to download the gtalk.apk separately and then try to open it through a file browser. Some Google apps signed packages don’t work either. They kind of brick your phone by making it get stuck in an infinite loop during boot.

    It took me long but I found out this package works!

    Also, after flashing the ROM, you will be taken to CWM recovery. Do not reboot phone! Scroll to the bottom, select switch off, and then Master Reset it (End Call + Camera > Power)

    Then you may switch it on, sign into Play Store, switch it off and start recovery, and then you can install the gapps.

  3. Hey Agnaye, thanks a lot for your kind help. I am searching for the chinese rom for so long but could not find a link to download the same.

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