Five reasons you know why an Android phone is the best smart phone

Five Reasons Why an Android Phone is the Best Smart PhoneThere is a good chance that you have been using a mobile phone for several years. You probably know how to make a call and send a text, but did you know your phone can do so much more, especially if you use a phone that operates off an Android operating system? Let’s take a close look at the many reasons as to why Android phones are better than other smartphones

Reason 1. Alternate Keyboards

Texting and making calls on a cell phone can be tricky, especially when using touchscreen phones. To help eliminate this problem, phones operating on Android systems come with the option to download a wide array of keyboards. In doing this, you can take advantage of a keyboard that works best with your fingers and typing habits.

Reason 2. Widgets

A lot of smartphones don’t allow you to add custom widgets to your home and lock screens; this isn’t the case, however, with an Android phone. From your favorite weather app to your delightful and handy music app, you can add all types of widgets to any of your Android’s home screens.

Reason 3. Removable Battery and Storage

Unlike many other smartphones, including the iPhone, an Android phone comes with ability to take out the battery. In doing this, you can swap out a run-down battery for a completely charged one in seconds. With other types of phones, you have to plug in the phone until it gets done charging. Furthermore, if your phone gets low on storage, you can add removable storage.

Reason 4. Easy to Navigate App Store

Phones operating on Android operating systems come along with the Google Play Store. Through this online store, you can easily download any of your favorite apps, with many of them being completely free of charge. While the iPhone and other phones do tend to have a store you can download apps through, the navigation through the stores is not usually user-friendly.

Reason 5. Android was Built By Google

Google pretty much runs the Internet. Keeping this in mind, it is comforting to have a phone, such a smartphone from, that operates off a system that was built and is owned by Google.

No matter how you look at it, smartphones are great to have. When shopping around for a particular phone, it is important to keep in mind the benefits gained from using Android phones.

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