João Lopes on the Future of IoT – The Next Industrial Revolution?

Many industry experts and consumers are pointing the Internet of Things (IoT) as an upcoming Industrial Revolution or an upcoming Internet.

Why IoT?

Simple. Because IoT will consist of the future form of interaction for businesses, governments and consumers with the physical world. One of the most recent market research studies, by BI Intelligence, indicate that in 2020 more than 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet.

This translates to as many as 4-5 devices per human that forms a part of the connected living. These 34 billion connected devices will be spread across many sectors, such as industrial manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, wearable devices, smart cities, smart home, healthcare, insurance and more.

Of these 34 billion, the IoT will be responsible for 23 billion devices, the others 11 billion will be represented by the regular devices, such as, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc.

BI Intelligence IoT market

The business sector will drive the biggest adoption of these devices, as IoT can reduce the operational costs, increase the production, reduce time to market, and expand the business in new market niches.

Government will take the second biggest part of the connected devices, in designing and implementing smart cities, accelerating public processes, first response, and increasing the quality life of their citizens.

And last, but not less important, the home user – they will have a lot of IoT devices, ranging from power management and home appliances control to safety and security, aided by the already increased penetration of smartphones and wearable devices.

What are you thoughts on this? Do you think that IoT will be the new industrial revolution? Take a look at what we do in the IoT space – IoTLabs | SensaIoTech

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João Lopes – CEO and Founder of SensaIoTech, an IoT startup with focus on AgroTech (smart farms, farm monitoring), smart cities, with 3 operational projects running in South America, and Industrial IoT.

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