How to root Moto G – quick easy steps!

How to root Moto G

Guest post by Emily Matthews

Moto G is a smart phone that is designed and built by Motorola to cater for the budget conscious consumer. The smart phone uses Android operating system. The smart phone can run many apps.

It has a 4.5 inch high HD display, has a rear and front facing camera. The Moto G has a 1.2 GHZ snapdragon 400 processor. The smart phone has a 1GB RAM and long lasting battery.


If you need to customize your Moto G you can easily root it since it has a boot loader that can be easily unlocked. Rooting enables you to run root applications or custom Rom.


-Rooting your Moto G will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

-You should back up important data and contacts. Unlocking the boot loader in your Moto G deletes all the data and contacts… Rooting does not delete the data in your phone.

-If you root your phone you cannot get important updates from Motorola. However, you can unroot or flash the updates.


-Your handset should have at least eighty percent battery charge. You need a USB cable and a superboot.

-The first step is to unlock the boot loader. Always remember that unlocking the boot loader will delete everything on the handset, ensure you back up everything into a SD card. To unlock you should visit the Motorola website. The unlocking process is fast and usually takes less than five minutes.

-Download the Super boot file. Extract the contents of this file inside the new folder that is named Moto on your computer.

-Put your handset into boot loader mode. You should switch off your handset and then switch it on. When you are switching on your handset you should ensure that you hold the button that decreases the volume together with the power button. This opens the boot loader on your phone.

-Connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable.

-Choose the right operating system.

-If you are using Windows operating system you should double click the file. This means that you should double click superboot-windows.bat.

If you are using Mac or Linux operating system you should follow the following steps

-For Mac operating System you should open a terminal window to the directory containing files. Type chmod+x followed by /

-For Linux you should open a terminal window to the directory containing files and type followed by /

-After completing this process your handset will restart automatically. You should go to the applications drawer. You will see that Super Su installed.

-You now have more power at your disposal to customize your smart phone. However, you should only allow apps that are secure and safe to gain access on your handset.

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