Here’s how Internet of Things and security technologies match up

Surveys and studies show that within the next three years or so, there will be a huge increase in the number of connected devices globally and it may be more than five times than it is now, touching the magical figure of 6 billion items. That is the intensity of this global phenomenon and how IoT is going to change the world forever, hence it is necessary to know the five most important IoT security technologies that are popular these days.

Network security of IoT devices

The securing and protection of the network consisting of all the devices that run IoT with the back-end computer systems on the Internet. Owing to the communication protocols that are presently in place, the IoT security becomes more challenging and tougher than normal security because the range of these protocols are much wide and the devices used have higher capacities and standards. All of these together makes them extremely complex and gives rises to multiple issues. The capabilities include common endpoint security like that of antivirus or malware in addition to that of prevention of intrusion like that of firewalls.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for IoT

This provides a lot of things, some of which includes digital certification of X.509 standard, the cryptographic key which includes private and public key generation, management, revocation as well as distribution. Some of the loT devices have a very strict specification that comes in the way of utilizing the PKI. Though the digital certificates can be easily installed in the IoT devices right at the time of manufacturing and then could be enabled by the various PKI software packages third party ones, which are available in the market. Not only that, some of them can be installed post manufacturing also.

Big data security analytics for IoT

The activities which come under this are the collection, aggregation, normalization, monitoring the enormous stream of data available from various IoT devices and then fetching the system some with that sort of reporting which has a direction to perform some action without any fail. They are also needed to send an alert each time some specific activities are observed to have breached the existing policies. All these processes are adding to the new understanding of the machine and things like artificial intelligence which in turn in helping to build sophisticated predictive modeling with an increasing amount of false positives. Even then it should be noted that these are some of the processes that are still evolving and are in their early days at the moment. The IoT security analytics will definitely play a huge role in countering the intrusion, security breach and all those attacks which goes undetected in the traditional network security systems in place.

IoT API security

This is one of those technologies which is specialized in authorizing and authenticating data movement between different back-end systems, IoT devices, and applications running them using APIs which are powered by REST. This technology also responsible for protecting data integrity transmitting between the back end and edge devices so as to maximize the security level and allow only authorized access. Additionally, this also alerts whenever any attack or threats are detected against the API’s.

IoT Encryption

Standard algorithms of cryptographic types are used to encrypt various data which are transmitted between the IoT devices and back-end system as well as the ones which are at rest. The scope of having standard encryption protocols and processes is not very wide, given the wide range of hardware profiles and IoT devices available.

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