iPhone Bluetooth to locate and interact with cars’ – Apple’s new investigation

Apple is certainly one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world. Anything with an “I” attached with it gets respect and user confidence. The company has offered some fantastic gadgets including its iconic product, iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, and Mac powered desktops. What if you are told that you can manage your car with the iPhone? It certainly sounds cool and high-tech. According to the information provided by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple recently filed two patents including an iOS device for finding the location of a car in the parking lot, guiding the user to the car, collecting parking fee info, and activating salient features once near the car.

Smart Key Apple Patent for tracking cars

How can your iPhone track your car?

With Apple’s heightened efforts towards creating a system that allows users to interact with their car, there is a strong possibility that you will be able to control your car with iPhone. You will be able to connect with your car through Bluetooth. If your vehicle is parked somewhere you do not remember, your iPhone can find it for you.

Your iPhone will communicate with the location system as soon as you enter the parking space and then, it will detect the current position of your car. Your phone will compare the data and display the best way to reach your vehicle. Your vehicle communicates with the parking structure location system, which stores the information of parking and then the same information is displayed on your iPhone. This is an excellent service for people with memory issues and careless car drivers.

The biggest problem between the implementation and practical usage of this method is the lack of such parking systems. None of the parking structure has wireless sensors to detect the exact location of a vehicle and be able to communicate with a device at the same time. Parking structures require at least one sensor per stall for this method to work.

In addition to the wireless system, parking areas will require dozens of sensors, cameras, and microphones to detect the exact location of a vehicle. Further, the GPS system of the phone should be able to work with the wireless system of the parking structure and establish a route accordingly.

How to locate your car with Apple WiFiSLAM?

Are you aware of the WiFiSLAM application by Apple? WiFiSLAM acquisition by Apple is among the latest news in the market. This application will help Apple excel in the field of indoor mapping, and this application will be helpful in developing Apple’s car interaction project.

WiFiSLAM is an indoor GPS application that allows the user to acquire indoor location data in parking lots unequipped with GPS signals. Experts are hopeful that this application will be used in Apple’s parking lot project. Another remarkable offering of the company is an application that allows users to access their vehicle with portable devices. Users can control most of the onboard functions of the car from their home itself. This invention will allow Apple to develop an application, which will allow the user to control their vehicle with Bluetooth.

iPhone app track cars WiFi SlamAt present, most of the automobile manufacturers offer their personalization software, which works with a key fob. It can be used to manage the doors, windows, start ignition, and similar features. Apple is planning to replace the mob with a mobile device so that the user can use their mobile for similar functions.

iPhone car trackingThe patents  mention two devices used for the complete operation. These devices will follow an authentication protocol for security purpose. The user will be able to set passwords for doors, windows, and other functions. The second mobile device will have strict authorization protocols. For an instance, it will allocate a time for engine ignition (8 am to 9 pm). The user will be capable of adding as many functions as desired.

With the increased investment and attention towards automobile infotainment system, Apple is certainly looking to get a lead in the process. Many automobile manufacturers have shown their interest towards this latest invention from Apple. It means you will be able to control your car with iPhone within few years. Let us see what next this technological era has to offer!

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