JBL J33 in-ear headphone review

Never been a fan of headphones, as my ears were pampered with good old 2-channel stereo sound from my Onkyo. I have been using some cheap Sennheisers over the past 4 years – for watching movies past midnight, and never ever for listening to music. For the money I paid, the Sennheiser MX series were too good with clear treble, bass and warmth. However, never really preferred them for music listening.

With the decreasing frequency of me listening to music on my quaint stereo system, I thought it made sense to invest in good quality in-ear headphones. Bose was my preference, and it was out of my reach. Everyone went ga-ga over SoundMAGIC E10, but couldn’t find a place where I can demo this Chinese price-quality innovation. I’ve made bad buying decisions based on the so-called reviews praising a product – didn’t want to repeat that again.

In this earphone hunting process, I stumbled upon JBL J33 in-ear headphones. Well, bought it for JBL and A R Rahman! No regrets!

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