Did You Know These 5 Interesting UK-Based IoT Startups?

The United Kingdom (UK) has one of the most vibrant startup communities in the world. There are many initiatives, especially post-BREXIT, taken to inspire entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas and become global players.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a notable industry worldwide and is generating billion dollars of revenue every year.

By the year 2020, it’s estimated that the B2B spending on IoT apps, solutions, technologies will touch a whopping €250B ($267B) – Boston Consulting Group.

Entrepreneurs are already heading out to create successful companies making innovative IoT products, and receiving an incredible support from the industry and consumers.

Many of the startups have made it big globally and many others are in the queue of making it big. Here are 5 of the most interesting IoT startups in the United Kingdom that are innovative and have great potential to grow in 2017 and beyond:


DevicePilot IoT UK startup

Previously known as 1248, DevicePilot enables IoT device management on the cloud, helping you locate, manage several connected IoT devices from a single location. It also helps upscale small pilot IoT devices/projects to its full deployment and provides REST-APIs for easy integration with existing platforms. DevicePilot is headquartered in London.


Seamless IoT UK startup

This is a Cambridge-based IoT startup that helps track your car, from any place and at any time. Using the cloud-based app and services of this innovative IoT startup, owners can log into the app to see the exact location of their car. The smartphone app receives continuous updates from the IoT smart device that is plugged into the car. If in case, something uneventful happens like a fire or burglary, Seamless would alert the car owner, almost instantly.


Evrythng was founded in 201, is an IoT smart product platform. It connects physical products with smart tags, QR codes, RFID tags, and any device to connect to the Internet in real-time and track and manage them efficiently through fantastic apps and services. It managed to grab the attention of some of the biggest investors like BHLP, Atomico, Cisco and Bloc Ventures. This UK startup truly symbolizes the Internet of Everything!

Blue Sense Networks

This reputed UK-based IoT startup manufactures iBeacon-certified hardware and device management applications. The beacons of Blue Sense Networks make use of the Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect to compatible smartphones and can be used to provide “proximity engagement solutions”. These solutions include the personalized accounts and advertisements in shops, interactive apps in museums customized to the particular exhibit, home automation products, and even smart signage.


Pavegen IoT UK startup

The world was introduced to this UK-based IoT startup in 2009. This smart company, Pavegen, is known for its smart tiles that are made up of an array of electromagnetic induction generators that generate electricity when people step on them. It’s not just energy that’s produced when people step on these tiles, but data as well. This can be installed in malls to wireless transmit data that can help analyze footfalls, generate heatmaps for footfall hotspots and also generate digital currency for rewards or charitable purposes. The applications are limitless.

If you’re in the UK, what’s your favorite IoT startup, and why? If you want to feature your startup here at DeviceForward, please submit it here and we will touch base with you.

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