LeZo ROM for Motorola XT502 [Android 2.3.7]

This is the latest ROM that I tried on my Motorola XT502 a couple of days ago. I like the look and feel, especially the fluidity of this build. However, do note that this LeZo ROM is still in beta – it’s buggy with quite a few FCs (force closures). As it’s my wife’s primary phone, I’m back to Fromania so that she doesn’t get mad at me for beta testing with her phone.

Do check out the pics below:

LeZo ROM for Motorola XT502 Commtiva Z71 clones

LeZo Rom for Commtiva z71 clones

DOWNLOAD | more pics & info

  1. Hi, I installed FireTrap TwoNights some months back on my XT502 (pros: excellent battery life / cons: no 2G,3G).I wish to install Phantom or a very stable version.How do I proceed? I have installed SUTLR v1.70; selected phantom_evo_rev4b.nb0 and selected ‘erase userdata’ and clicked next….I get the following message : Error code : 0xf625 Error: Download fail, Error=QPD_ERROR_ARMPRG_hello_TIMEOUT ( 0xf625). How do i resolve this issue.I have disabled Windows firewall (incase it interferes with the installation)….Please Help.Thank You.

  2. pls,i have motorola xt502 and i want to install this rom on my phone how to download and install it on my device which is 2.1 eclair

  3. i now u dnt use this set any more but plzz i really need help as im trying to resolve this issue from months…i know well abt evry thing ..
    ive lost my imie while going from 2.2 to 2.3 but now wen i try to flash a 2.1 rom through sutlr 1.7 i gives an error msg that attempted to flash protected memory this is often bcz of corrupt memory…
    is thier any way i could get my imie back?
    as i cant flash through sutlr ive tried difrent cables,P.Cs,windows
    plz i expect help as ive beeen ur viewer from nearly 2 years

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