Lite Swipe ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [screenshots]

After a long lull, it’s pouring ROMs for Commtiva Z71 clones (Motorola XT502, Orange Boston, etc.,). Just a few hours ago, I posted the Lewa Optimod, and now the Lite Swipe based on Lewa. Thanks to Sauarabh for the tip!

Key features:

  • A very light, odexed ROM
  • Camera with working zoom
  • Up to 160 MB

Known bug: You have to use an app to change wallpapers, as the default one is not working

Lite swipe ROM for Motorola XT502 and Commtiva Z71 clones

DOWNLOAD | more info… | bug reports | ROM author

  1. this rom is best every thing is working good wifi camera headphone ss launcher is good am using this room motorola xt502

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