MoKee OS ported to Motorola XT502 [ROM 2.3.7]

Good news for those with Commtiva Z71 clones like Orange Boston, Motorola XT502 (XT3/XT5), Apanda A60, Wellcomm A88, etc.

Check out the pics below and install this ROM from this Download link.

MoKee OS

Mokee OS

MoKee OS

Hope you enjoy, after a long silence of ROMs for our Commtiva Z71 clones.

More info over here. Thanks to Cipi for the tip!

  1. Nice looking ROM.

    Can anyone confirm if there are any Wi-Fi issues with this rom? I’m currently using the LiGuX rom which I think is great, but every other ROM I’ve tried I’ve had problems with Wi-Fi, the problem is that the range is bad, I have to be like 3m away from the wireless access point for me to detect the Wi-Fi.

  2. @paul, I’m a bit confused with your reply… First you say Wi-Fi works fine with this rom, then you say you get no signal with it?

    1. Always install the original CM7 nb0 OS, and come to this OS. This is a general rule that applies to most new OS installations to avoid the NO SIGNAL/IMEI issue.

  3. I m using mokee z71 go@cipi but there is no network .it comes error while searching network anyone have solution I m using moto xt502

  4. I installed mokee z71 but no network.Its Showing error while m searching the network in both manual and automatically plz help me .I am using Motorola XT502

  5. Battery is draining very fast.If i use Internet on my Motorola XT502 for 5 to 10 mins 30 to 40 % battery drains. Do u have any idea to prevent battery draining problem plz tell me asap

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