Droplit API – Creating Smart, Connected Devices

Droplit, Inc., is an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) company based out of Melbourne, Florida.

Energy costs are rising, and with the fierce global warming phenomenon, many want to optimize electricity consumption in their houses. Droplit API is a boon to those trying to take small, yet significant steps in reducing the carbon footprint.

Well, this is accomplished when all your power consuming devices such as lights, fans, refrigerators, HVACs and thermostats are connected and controlled via a unified device control platform.

If you’re planning to create well-connected, smart homes for yourself or your customers, you should consider implementing Droplit.io API-based cloud services.

droplit device support list

Droplit API – Enabling Real-time visibility

Their unified API helps you create and control smart devices in your house, or commercial establishments. The best part is you can control all of these connected devices from anywhere, anytime. Nothing like when you can have real-time visibility into what your devices are doing, so that you know where things can be improved to have a smarter connected home.

droplit cloud based iot model

Getting started is straightforward as Droplit’s IoT model provides everything for your devices, like SDK to integrate devices, REST and webhooks for the backend, and WebSockets to build apps for the front end.

Droplit.io is not just for enthusiast home owners, but also for service providers that want to create connected devices and applications for their customers.

Here are some useful links to help you explore Droplit, and get started:

Documentation | Developer portal | Droplit on LinkedIn

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