The Smart Car Key Finder – iHere 3.0 Review

Let me ask you this, up front. How good is your memory? I mean, if you have the habit of losing keys, and fumble around to lay your hands on the rattly bunch that open doors and start cars, then read on.

iHere 3.0, by nonda, is a tiny Bluetooth car key finder, that can also do a couple more things. All you need to do is to tag the iHere 3.0 to your key bunch, download the app on your iPhone, and pair it via Bluetooth. What I like about nonda is that all of their apps are intuitively designed, and the user experience is superb.

Once you download the iOS app, the interface guides you to pair the iHere to your mobile.

iHere 3 key finder battery indicator

iHere comes with a custom-made USB charging cable, and I use it with my iPhone adapter for charging it faster. Once charged, I don’t think I need to worry about the battery life. It’s been 2 weeks since I charged the device, and the battery indicator is still in green, and full.

One of the best features of this Bluetooth car key finder is that, it’s not just a car key finder. It also,

  • Helps to locate your phone — press that little button! Even if your phone is on silent mode, iHere rings your phone in full volume
  • Helps you locate your car — I love the Zus from nonda. This is equally good!
  • Helps you take selfies, and group photos from a distance

iHere selfie mode

iHere 3.0 manual says the Bluetooth’s effective range is about 75 feet, and I think it’s a good enough range to trace your lost items.

To find out more about iHere 3.0 visit:

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