Top 6 iPhone apps to raise your productivity levels

Modern way of living urges us to run faster and act in full swing. Our everyday routine becomes more and more loaded with numerous responsibilities and tasks. So, we do really need more time to stop jumping around and work efficiently.

We are ready to provide you with the set of useful iPhone apps to increase your productivity level:

1. Clear

This is one of the top user-friendly apps called to stimulate your productivity. If you’re a businessman, Clear will become your best companion in your business ventures. Thanks to the awesome features, it is considered as attractive and easy-to-use app for managing to-do lists. So, if you’re concerned with form as much as with meaning, be sure, Clear is a great choice. It will facilitate your item checking and email sending troubles to a great extent. Moreover, you’ll be able to create separate work lists, shopping lists, personal goal lists and others with help of this app.

2. Evernote 

From now on, you can easily leave all your notes and plans to Evernote it will remember everything for you. You can use its perfect features, like its drawing tools, and make use of its platform with ease. If you need more, you can apply its new version running in business mode; it was launched just a year ago. This new version will provide you with more space and opportunities to keep all your data and information safe.

3. GoToMeeting

Choose this one and enjoy as many meetings as you wish! Feel free to organize trainings and webinars right from your Android, iPhone or iPad. Using your webcam, you’ll be able to share your screen and your documents.  What is more, you’ll be able to arrange conference calls from anywhere you wish. As for meetings, up to 25 participants can freely take part in them. So, all you need is an internet connection. As to payments, you’ll be required to make monthly ($49) or yearly ($468) payments. Be sure, GoToMeeting is worth this money.

4. Cloudon

Cloudon can be applied for Androids and iOS devices. It will provide you with similar opportunities as those of Microsoft Office and Power Point. This means, you’ll be able to use files and make appropriate modifications to them right on your smartphones and tablets. What is more, you’ll be able use your files kept via DropBox, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive. So, feel free to create files and manage them the way you’d like.

5. Pocket

This app is ranked as a 5-star app by CNET and it is free. It can help you with your articles, web pages, videos – it will save all these items so that you’ll be able to read them later on. Pocket will provide you with easy access and link saving and make the necessary adjustments across platforms without any difficulty. So, don’t hesitate to try this wonderful app.

6. MindNode

With MindNote you’ll get an exceptional insight into mind-mapping. All you need is to pay $9.9 and start to enjoy the excellent opportunities that it offers. According to Forbes, this fine app is designed to outline our brain opportunities, and emphasize links and connections among ideas. MindNode will perfectly arrange your time with minimum efforts. It will represent your ideas and projects through top quality live schemes and graphic solutions.

Guest post by Amanda Martin. Amanda works for the advancement of mobile monitoring software She provides the reviews of various mobile apps and writes about data safety tricks.

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