Ubuntu-powered smartphones – look to the future!

Yes, this may be just another player coming into the fiercely competitive smart phone market dominated by Apple and Google. The video below, a virtual keynote by Mark Shuttleworth, shows Ubuntu as a beautiful, functional and scalable mobile OS that could rival the half-baked Android OS.

Towards the end of the video, there’s a pointer to the fact that Ubuntu might as well run on devices that are currently running Android – users can simply jump to Ubuntu [of course, with a good amount of help from XDA, may be]!? This will be great news for Google which is already worrying about the rise of Windows Phones. May be Google will react by severing all support to other mobile platforms than Android. Google wins and others suck it up!

Well, sarcasm apart, if Ubuntu avoids fragmentation, chances are less for this OS to fail.

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